9.0*9.4mm - Gallium Arsenide High Efficient Satellite 3-Node GaAs Cell

Product Details

As an aerospace power supply product, “No.4 FY” GaAs cell features in excellent high energy density, great tolerated performance under extreme conditions, a conversion efficiency of 33 to 35% and less than1 mm thickness.


Electrical performance under standard test conditions: (AM1.5, 1000W/m², 25℃)

Specs.EfficiencyOpen circuit voltageShort circuit current densityPower point voltagePower point current densityPower Mass RatioThickness
9.0*9.4mm30%2.74V14.1mA/ c㎡2.42V12.4mA/ c㎡300W/㎡1000g/㎡

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