1U Satellite Board Standard GaAs Solar Panel

Product Details

Gallium arsenide (GaAs) belongs to the III-V group of compound semiconductor materials, and its energy gap is more suitable for matching with the solar spectrum, and it can withstand high temperatures. Compared with silicon solar cells, gallium arsenide solar cells have better performance.

The band gap of GaAs solar cells is wider than that of silicon, which makes its spectral responsivity and spatial solar spectral matching ability better than that of silicon. At present, the theoretical efficiency of silicon cells is about 23%, while the theoretical efficiency of single-junction gallium arsenide solar cells reaches 27%, and the theoretical efficiency of multi-junction gallium arsenide solar cells exceeds 50%. At present, China's mass production level can reach more than 30%.

1U satellite board product features:

Select triple junction GaAs solar cells
 Using the manufacturing process of aerospace products
 High reliability

Optional accessories: solar sensor, temperature sensor, magnetic torquer, MEMS gyroscope



Typical product performance parameters of 1U satellite board

Base PanelFR4/Kapton AI
Power (W)2.354.718.2516.5
Cell Material(GaAs)
Mass (g)4080120240
Connection Method2S1P2S2P7S1P7S2P
Dimensions (mm)Top / Bottom: 98*98
               Side: 83*98
Operating Temperature ℃-55~+125
Cell Efficiency30%
Sun Sensor & Temperature SensorOptional
Panel Thickness (mm)1.8
Cover Glass (mm)0.12

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