3U Satellite Board Standard GaAs Solar Panel

Product Details

Different energy sources must rely on different power generation devices to convert them into electricity. Power generation devices mainly include chemical batteries, solar arrays, nuclear energy, and solar power systems. Only the commonly used solar cells are introduced here.

A solar cell is a semiconductor device that directly converts light energy into electrical energy, and is the basic component of a solar cell array. There are many types of solar cells that can be used in spacecraft, including amorphous silicon solar cells, monocrystalline silicon solar cells and compound cells of group III-V elements (gallium arsenide solar cells). At present, the most widely used solar cells are silicon solar cells and single-junction and triple-junction gallium arsenide solar cells with germanium as the substrate. Conversion efficiency is an important parameter of solar cells, which is used to measure the power output level of solar cells. The higher the conversion efficiency, the better the performance of the cell.

3U satellite board product features:

Select triple junction GaAs solar cells
 Using the manufacturing process of aerospace products
 High reliability

Optional accessories: solar sensor, temperature sensor, magnetic torquer, MEMS gyroscope



Typical product performance parameters of 3U satellite board

Base PanelFR4/Kapton AI
Power (W)2.354.718.2516.5
Cell Material(GaAs)
Mass (g)4080120240
Connection Method2S1P2S2P7S1P7S2P
Dimensions (mm)Top / Bottom: 98*98
               Side: 83*98
Operating Temperature ℃-55~+125
Cell Efficiency30%
Sun Sensor & Temperature SensorOptional
Panel Thickness (mm)1.8
Cover Glass (mm)0.12

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