4cm*8cm Satellite-grade High-efficiency Triple-junction GaAs Cell

Product Details

The gallium arsenide cell for satellite solar panels relies on aerospace power supply products. Its conversion efficiency is 30-35%, the thickness of the module is less than 1 mm, and it has good high energy density and special environmental tolerance.

Electrical properties under standard test conditions: (AM1.5, 1000W/m2, 25℃)



The triple-junction GaAs solar cell uses germanium as the substrate, and is formed by three N/P sub-cells connected in series through tunneling junctions, with high efficiency and strong radiation resistance. .


Application Field

Low-orbit vehicles, medium-orbit vehicles, high-orbit vehicles (nano-satellites, small satellites, commercial satellites, large satellites, drones, etc.)


Basic Data

Material: GaInP/InGaAs/Ge Triple Junction Solar Cell

Size:(80.15±0.05)mm *(40.15±0.05)mm

Area: 30.15c㎡

Thickness: 0.36±0.02mm


Anti-reflection coating: TiOx/Al2O3

Cover glass: KFB120

Cover sheet thickness: 120±20 μm

Interconnect Sheet Material: Silver / Kovar Silver Plated

Interconnect thickness: 20/25μm


Electrical Performance Data (AM0, 1SUN, 1353w/㎡, 25℃)

Average open circuit voltage Voc (mV): 2740

Average short-circuit current density Joc (mA/c㎡): 17.4

Maximum power voltage Vm (mV): 2430

Maximum power current density Joc (mA/c㎡): 16.7

Average conversion efficiency ηbare: 30%

Fill Factor: 0.850


Irradiation Intensity:(AM0,1SUN,1353w/㎡,25℃)

Irradiation intensity  1*1014e/cm2       5*1014e/cm2       1*1015e/cm2

Im/Imo            0.99                 0.97                  0.94

Vm/Vmo         0.96                0.93                  0.92

Pm/Pmo          0.95                 0.90                 0.86


Design Parameters

Voltage Vl (mV) 2350; Average current Ll ave (mA) 500; Minimum current Ll min (mA) 480


Diode Protection

Vforward(620mA) ≤1.0V ; Ireverse(4.0V) ≤50μA


Other Parameters

Absorption coefficient ≤0.92 ; Bearing tensile force ≥0.83N/mm2


Temperature Coefficient

Irradiation Intensity           BOL     1MeV,5*1014e/cm2      1MeV,1*1015e/cm2

Jsc(μA/cm2/C)      11.0           10.0                13.0

Voc(mV/ C)         -5.9           -6.1                -6.3

Jm(μA/cm2/C)      9.0             9.5                 15.0

Vm(mV/ C)         -6.0           -6.2                 -6.5

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